HTML Deprecated Tags

Deprecated tags are tags that are no longer supported by HTML.

Browsers support deprecated tags for a while, but at some point they will be phased out.

For this reason, you should not use these tags, and use alternatives instead.

List of Deprecated Tags

This table lists the deprecated HTML tags.
Alternatives are included when applicable.

Element Description Alternative
<acronym> Defines an acronym or abbreviation <abbr>
<applet> Java Applets are considered too insecure n/a
<basefont> Sets a base font, size, and color for page or element CSS font-family
<big> Renders font one size larger than surrounding text CSS font-size
<blink> Renders font that flashes on and off JavaScript
<center> Renders horizontally centered text. CSS text-align
<command> Defines an action that can be invoked. JavaScript
<dir> Creates a container for files and folders n/a
<font> Sets text font, size, and color for its content CSS font-family
<frame> Creates a pane for an external page. Part of frameset. n/a
<frameset> Container of frame elements with multiple panes. n/a
<image> Relic from early HTML versions. Do not use. <img>
<isindex> Textfield for entering a querystring <input>
<listing> Renders a list of items without formatting <pre>
<marquee> Early HTML relic. Renders scrolling text. JavaScript
<menuitem> Defines a command to be invoked by a popup menu. JavaScript
<multicol> Creates a multi-column page layout. Do not use. CSS columns
<nobr> No break element. Prevents text from wrapping. CSS white-space
<noembed> Displays text when embed tag is not supported. n/a
<noframes> Displays text when frames tag is not supported. n/a
<plaintext> Displays raw text, including HTML markup. <pre>
<spacer> Displays empty spaces on a page &nbsp;
<strike> Displays strikethrough text CSS text-decoration
<tt> Creates teletype text in monospaced font. <pre>
<xmp> Displays raw text, including markup in monospaced font <pre>

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Last updated on Sep 30, 2023