SQL COT Function

COT returns the cotangent in radians of the specified angle.

COT is one of the basic trigonometric functions along with SIN, COS and TAN.



This example return the cotangent of the specified angle measured in radians.

SELECT COT(PI()/4) AS '45 degrees',
       COT(PI()/2) AS '90 degrees',
       COT(PI() * 3/4) AS '135 degrees'
Result:  1 record
45 degrees 90 degrees 135 degrees
1 6.12323399573677E-17 -1

Note: The 90 degrees value is approaching 0.

Note: PI is a function that returns the value of π (3.14).


Syntax of the COT function.


angle -- a number representing an angle in radians..

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Last updated on Dec 21, 2023