'Analytics' is a solution that's included with all editions of Dofactory .NET, that is, Standard, Plus and Pro.

This full-stack solution demonstrates where in your code the Gang of Four design patterns will have the most impact. It comes with 100% source code so you can explore design patterns and architectures in a real-world setting.  In your own work, you'll be able to quickly implement the same design patterns.

Remarkably, with the flip of a switch, this application changes from a SQL Server database to an XML data source. This occurs at runtime, courtesy of the powerful Strategy and Repository patterns!

To view the pages click on the menu on the left under VIEW APPLICATION PAGES. Soon you'll deliver similar results in your own applications.


Confidently implement Gang of Four design patterns in your own projects. 100% source code.

  • Factory
  • Singleton
  • Builder
  • Iterator
  • Strategy
  • Composite
  • Proxy
  • Facade
  • Service
  • Repository
  • Lazy Load
  • Dependenc Injection
  • Data Transfer Object
  • Data Caching

The Analytics application demonstrates the most frequently used Gang of Four design patterns (and some others) in a full-stack environment. The included patterns and features are listed to your left under PATTERNS AND FEATURES.

This application has been modeled after a Salesforce Dashboard page. Salesforce's powerful dashboard capabilities can be readily implemented in .NET and .NET Core with the proper design patterns and architectures -- and without the expense.

The Dashboard page displays various charts with summary data from a data source. The Settings page allows you to change the data source in real-time to either XML data files or a SQL database (using Strategy and Repository patterns). The Architecture page depicts the full-stack architecture and the design patterns that were used.

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