Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Dofactory?
Dofactory is a suite of products that allows you to build comprehensive .NET solutions in as little as 33 days!
2. How does it do that?
Dofactory is a complete, 360-degree development platform with
  • Design Patterns,
  • Ultra-Clean™ Architecture,
  • Low Code innovations,
  • Design Excellence™,
  • Code Excellence™, and
  • 33-Day App Factory™
All working together to help you to build better applications faster.
3. What are the benefits of using Dofactory?
There are many, but here are some of the major benefits:

  1. You will deliver better applications faster
  2. Your skills, confidence, and career will skyrocket
  3. Your company will reduce cost and increase revenues
In short, Dofactory is a great investment!
5. Examples please!
You can review sample applications in our showcases.
All these showcases are included with your Dofactory .NET purchase.

To see what you can build in 33 days, see our CRM solution This comprehensive solution was created by a single developer in just 33 days.
6. Is it easy to get started?
Yes, it could not be any easier. Immediately following purchase, you download and install your package and you're ready to go.

There are no license keys and you are not required to be connected to the internet. Everything is directly available on your local computer at your fingertips.
7. If I purchase today, what will I get?
Below are the chapters (sections) of the Dofactory .NET Core Pro package. Each chapter presents a specific, in-depth topic including step-by-step instructions, sample code, and complete reference applications -- all with 100% source code that you can use right-away in your own work.

  • 1. Getting Started
  • 2. Design Patterns
  • 3. Design Excellence™
  • 4. Code Excellence™
  • 5. Gang of Four Patterns
  • 6. Head First Patterns
  • 7. Analytics Solution
  • 8. Enterprise Patterns
  • 9. Model View Patterns
  • 10. ECommerce Solution
  • 11. CQRS MediatR Pattern
  • 12. Code Generator
  • 13. SaaS Solution
  • 14. Ultra-Clean™ Architecture
  • 15. 33-Day App Factory™
  • 16. 33-Day CRM
8. Is it relatively inexpensive?

Let's put it this way. If you think our products are expensive, consider the cost of missed career opportunities and lost income potential. Check your ROI below.

Calculate your personal ROI

And, as a company, consider the cost of missed deadlines, cost overruns, or even project failure.

Calculate your company ROI

Dofactory is a great investment!

9. Can I use Dofactory's patterns and code in our own products?
Absolutely! That is what it was designed for.
10. Can I install Dofactory on more than one computer?
Many of our users use the software at their office and also at home. And that's fine. The only restriction is that the software can only be used by you (i.e. the licensed developer).
11. What happens after the 1-year license period?
Your purchase comes with a 1-year license that includes free access to all upgrades and new releases. After the license period you can continue using the software, but without access to newer releases.  You can optionally renew your license for a reduced fee.  Simply contact us if you need further details.

12. Can I upgrade to a higher edition in the future?
Absolutely. To upgrade to a Pro or other edition please contact us and we will quickly upgrade you for a custom fee, without hassle.
Dofactory is a unique product with a focus on simplicity and productivity.
Get it today. Your career will never be the same.

Own Your Future.

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