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King Wilder
Don't repeat yourself

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Website http://www.mvccentral.net
Title Owner
Company Gizmo Beach
City La Quinta
St/Prov. California  92253
Country United States 
Member Since Jan 31, 2010
Last Seen Oct 16, 2016
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Personal Background
Bio I'm Hawaiian and I live in La Quinta California and I run my own web hosting business and web development business. I'm a fairly good golfer, 0 handicap, and I enjoy reading, movies, and hiking in the desert. I like solving problems and Design Patterns has helped me solve many problems with my applications. I first heard about Design Patterns in 2008 and I realize that all the applications I've built prior cannot scale easily. But all that has changed now. I have many open source applications that I've been working on at github, https://www.github.com/kahanu
Website http://www.mvccentral.net

Assets  web hosting, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC programming
Needs  Greater understanding of Design Patterns
Interests Golf, reading, C# programming
Organizations San Gabriel Valley .Net User Group, LA DotNet

Professional Information
Skills and Experience
Skills & Experience I started programming (ASP) back in 1998 when I worked at Disney Online. I bluffed my way through my first database driven application using ASP and it worked out. I didn't jump into .Net until version 1.1 was out and now there is quite a bit of information overload out there, but I try to stay on top of things. I have a good understanding of SQL Server and MySql, and .Net for ASP.NET and now ASP.NET MVC v1 and v2. I'd say I'm above average with jQuery and CSS.

Companies / Projects
Jan 08 - Present Developer, http://www.kingwilder.com  
  Pasadena, United States  
  Condor Code Generator    type: Code Gen    team size: 1
  My Generation Software, Patterns In Action
  I have an ongoing development process on an application code-generator called Condor. I've built this application using the FREE MyGeneration Software application. This is FREE for PIA members. If you'd like a copy, email me at: info@mvccentral.net. I'm currently working to get KingWilder.com back up, but paying jobs get in the way. :^)
May 09 - Present Owner, MVC Central, http://www.mvccentral.net  
  La Quinta, United States  
  Technology Application    type: Web    team size: 1
  This was a huge project and it's ongoing. I built a web application framework where developers can post their knowledge in either article form, or video form to a site that is targeted to that discipline. Example: MVC developers would create content and post it in MVC Central. Java developers would do that same and post it to Java Central. If you have a design pattern explanation you want to share, post it in Design Patterns Central. All of these satellite web sites work off the same code base, making global changes very easy. And content authors create their content in a single location, for all available Portals. It's an extremely rewarding site to have built, and I'm presently in the process of making enhancements.
Jan 11 - Present Owner / Author, Gizmo Beach  
  United States  
  CondorXE    type: Code Generator    team size: 1
  MyGeneration Software
  Generate the code for the entire PIA 4.0 application using my CondorXE code generator. See it in action with this video: http://www.codegencentral.net/s/54
Apr 14 - Apr 14 Developer, The City of La Quinta, http://golftour.la-quinta.org  
  La Quinta, United States  
  La Quinta Summer Golf Tour web application    type: Web    team size: 1
  This is a large web application that allows the City of La Quinta to run their annual Summer Golf Tour series. For 13-weeks during the hot summer months, they run a golf outing where golfers play a different course every week. The application calculates handicaps, manages membership, allows online registration, view schedule, display results, calculates scores, and places, and points, etc. I built this using an n-Tier structure modified from the Do Factory structure, and using a Repository Pattern that I developed that is generated by a code-generator I built.
May 14 - May 14 Developer, Evan Saxon Productions, http://www.classof92movie.com  
  La Quinta, United States  
  David Beckham documentary site    type: Web    team size: 1
  I built a promotional web site for a company that distributes films. This film is about David Beckham, the soccer star, and the friends he grew up with playing soccer. The site presents the trailer to the film, the schedule of times and locations where it is playing, and other information about the movie.
Jun 14 - Jun 14 Developer, Thermo Plaques, http://www.plaques.com  
  La Quinta, United States  
  Plaques.com    type: Web    team size: 1
  I get their old site from the early 2000's, a new face-lift and some automation. The site creates plaques, for awards, photos, articles, etc. Their old site was just static HTML with no way of customers to place orders on the site. I created a nice way of customers to enter order, select options and submit the orders to the site administrators. I've been told that they've had a significant increase in sales since the new site.
Aug 14 - Aug 14 Developer, Office of the Independent Administrator, http://www.oia-kaiserarb.com  
  La Quinta, United States  
  OIA    type: Web    team size: 1
  This company needed a new website and a new web host since their existing site was built with Microsoft Frontpage, and the existing web host no longer supported FrontPage. I was able to built them a new, modern designed site where they have full control over the content. I built a custom CMS-like application that allowed them to create pages and content and even manage their primary navigation.

Professional Status
Status Entrepreneur

Educational Background
College / University
1976 - 1978 Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, United States    
Certifications No certifications listed